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Google Launcher doesn't work on Galaxy S8 – how to fix it

Google Now Launcher is one of the most famous and useful launchers today. However, it does not always tend to work properly with Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone models. Several users have encountered Galaxy S8 Problems with Google Launcher It is assumed that the KNOX security platform of Samsung Galaxy models could cause the problem with Google Launcher. This usually happens when both are used at the same time. It's no surprise if you've used the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone that complaints about the Google Launcher issue on Galaxy S8 has become fairly common.

If you too are facing Galaxy S8 Google Launcher issues, then here are some simple tips to solve the same issue.

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Resolving a problem with Google Launcher on Samsung Galaxy S8

If you have downloaded Google Now Launcher on your Samsung Galaxy S8, and if you use Samsung's KNOX security features in any way, even including the latter's new "Secure Folder" system; then you might run into some form of Google Galaxy S8 issues. One of the biggest problems is that Google Now Launcher won't be able to see any apps in the system. Consequently, the application drawer would appear empty to users and users would not be able to configure the main screen. If you have this problem with Google Launcher on your smartphone, you can fix it as follows.

Deactivation of the Samsung KNOX and the secure folder:

The first step to solving the Galaxy S8 Google Launcher problem is to stop using Samsung's KNOX features. This can be done for a while to reach the desired solution. You can try to deactivate the secure folder of this application in the following way:

  • Open the Settings page of the Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Tap the Lock screen and security option
  • Go to the Secure Folder section
  • Click on the "Uninstall" option
  • Tap on "Save and uninstall" if you want to save the date stored in the secure folder.

Galaxy S8 Google Launcher Problems

In the event that you are using the Samsung KNOX full security installation only because of the security policy pre-defined by your workplace IT department, you will follow the appropriate steps to stop using Samsung KNOX features in this case.

Download and install Google Now Launcher:

Now that you have deactivated the security functions of Samsung KNOX and Secure Folder, you can now install the Google Now Launcher on your smartphone. For a hassle-free experience, experts recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Now Launcher app on your smartphone. You can do the same in the following way:

  • Open the Google Play icon on your smartphone
  • Look for the Google Now Launcher app in the search bar icon.
  • Install the application using the "Install" option
  • After installing the app, tap the Home icon.

Once you have installed Google Now Launcher on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone computer without the active mode of Samsung KNOX security features, then you would have solved the Galaxy S8 Google Launcher problem. Now you would be able to see the list of different apps on your phone. At the same time, you can configure and use the applications as you wish on your smartphone.

Galaxy S8 Google Launcher Problems

Activate the secure folder on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone:

The advice of the expert is: when you are given the freedom to reactivate the Samsung Secure Folder, then continue to use Google Now Launcher. It is therefore most likely that you have solved the problem with Google Launcher.

Experts do not recommend that users wait for the Samsung KNOX secure folder and Google Now Launcher to work at the same time. If this solution doesn't work for you, you can still uninstall the same thing. You can try to re-activate the Samsung secure folder as follows:

  • Open the Settings icon on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone
  • Click on the option "Lock screen and security"
  • Click on the Secure Folder option
  • You can now follow the instructions on the screen to complete the configuration of the secure folder on your smartphone.
  • Now, you have shortened Secure Folder on the home screen of your phone as well as on the application drawer.

Once you have activated the Samsung Secure Folder option, you can access this option like any other application on the system. Users can also manage the settings for the secure folder from the Lock screen and security section of the Settings area that they must have used to configure the same.

For many Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone users, having consistent and familiar experience with Google Now Launcher across multiple channels and devices has been much more helpful. This has ensured that they can use the Samsung Secure Folder alongside Google Now Launcher. However, there is a certain group of Samsung Galaxy S8 users who have to deal with the instability and uncertainty in the simultaneous use of Samsung Secure Folder and Google Now Launcher. Until there is a permanent fix given by Samsung itself on this issue of Google Launcher on Galaxy S8, users can try using these simple tips to solve the same problem.

It's relatively easy to fix the problem with Google Launcher on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone model if you follow these step-by-step instructions. These have been given by the experts to their best knowledge and aim to solve your problem until a permanent solution is put in place!

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