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Get started with the dummy iPhone $ 20!

enero 16, 2020

Remember this article where we were telling you about the site who prides himself on reselling dummy iPhones! It must be said that we were not really convinced by the usefulness of this service and especially to know if the reproductions were reliable … Let?s understand, these fake iPhones are completely empty at the hardware level! This is has us graciously send a copy in order to convince us.

The copy received today is therefore an iPhone 3G (hard to say if it would be a 3GS) and it was pleasantly that we were surprised when we took this dummy iPhone in hand. What surprises first is the weight of the craft. Although this iPhone is devoid of electronic parts, the manufacturer has not planned to give a weight similar to that of an iPhone with a me? What is also amazing are the buttons home, volume and power up. Even if obviously the device does not turn on by actuating them, the sensations of to touch depression are the same! The ?Dock? connection has also been perfectly imitated (the small mesh of the audio inputs and outputs is also present). In the end, this dummy iPhone is perfectly imitated even if we are still aware of a difference in cut, it is a little narrower in width, it is noticed by looking at the size of the screen although it is necessary to be a real connoisseur to notice it! this is added the logo pomm which is recessed …

The question ?Why buy a dummy iPhone?? arises now?;)

iSofia seems however convinced:

If you are interested in receiving this dummy iPhone for less than $ 20 (free shipping), this happens on

Discover the photo gallery below.

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