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Excessive prices for the resale of t-shirts from the first Apple Store in France!

enero 16, 2020

It was this Saturday, the opportunity to the opening of the first Apple Store in France (located at the Carrousel du Louvre Paris) that Apple has respected its custom by offering 5,000 t-shirts to the first people, the occasion of this event.

louvre t shirt

These t-shirts which can now act as collector don't hesitate to find themselves on eBay o certain price demands sometimes reach 100 euros!

You should know that the t-shirt, the effigy of the opening of the Apple Store at the Carrousel Louvre, is wrapped in a cardboard pyramid serving as a nod to the famous muse. Not to mention that it can have a lot of values ??for aficianados of the apple brand!

And on your side, would you be willing to put as much money for a t-shirt "memory" ?

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