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Draining the battery of an iPhone: confirm Apple's solutions

enero 16, 2020

Do you have the iPhone battery draining the problems right now? No matter which iOS device you have, it's no fun to charge your battery every hour, because your iPad or iPhone's battery drains quickly. You may need to find the power source wherever you go to charge your iPhone. This problem is due to many factors. IPhone battery drain can be related to software issues and applications running on your device. Another factor is the abnormality of the battery itself or the fact that the life of the battery has reached its limit. Each battery has a lifespan. When it expires, you must replace it with the new one.

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There are many solutions to fix battery drain issues on iOS devices. Follow our guide and try the solutions we have listed – your iPhone or iPad battery will last longer between charges.

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Troubleshoot iPhone / iPad battery drain issues

Simple iPhone / iPad battery test

Before going any further, let's test the battery first by calculating its usage time and its standby time. By doing this test, you will know if the battery has a harsh problem or not. The duration of use corresponds to the total duration of use of the iPhone since the last full charge. For example, when you make a phone call, browse the Internet, check email, listen to music, or run certain applications in the background. The standby time is the total time that you have powered your iPhone since its last full charge. This includes usage time and sleep time. Let the test begin.

  • Go to Settings >> scroll down until you find Battery, then tap on it.
  • On the Battery screen, scroll down and you will find the usage and standby functions.
  • write both on paper.
  • turn off your iPhone by pressing the power button for a few seconds until the cursor turns off and drag the cursor.
  • Leave it like this for 5 minutes and turn it back on by pressing the power button until you see the Apple logo.
  • Go to Settings >> Battery. Here, write and compare the usage and standby times before and after turning off the iPhone. The usage and standby times should increase by one minute per minute. If you find that the delay is greater than 1, the problem of the iPhone battery may be exhausted. You can continue to troubleshoot your iPhone.

How to fix iPhone battery drain issues

turn off bluetooth

Try disconnecting pairing accessories, such as third-party speakers, Apple Watch, etc. Since these accessories use Bluetooth technology for pairing with the iPhone, you can simply deactivate the Bluetooth function.

  • Open the control center by dragging from the bottom of any notch
  • Press the Bluetooth icon next to the WiFi icon and deactivate the function.
  • Now, since you have disconnected all Bluetooth accessories, observe the behavior of your iPhone's battery.

If the battery is working normally, that's fine. This means that your iPhone battery is still in good condition. All you have to do is manage the judicious use of Bluetooth functionality. Remember to turn it off when you are not using it. Or try to find similar accessories that allow you to save more energy. For more information on tips and tricks for extending your iPhone's battery life, see the end of this article.

How to fix iPhone battery drain issues

Disable location services and app refresh capabilities in the background

Some apps like Facebook first, WhatsApp, Skype, email, to name a few, use location services to find your location. This service uses GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi, which requires more power. In addition, the other feature often used by these messaging and social media applications is updating the application in the background. This feature allows applications to update their content in the background. It also requires an Internet connection and can drain the battery. We will check the behavior of the battery after disabling both features.

How to turn off Location Services functionality

  • Go to Settings >> Privacy >> tap Location Services
  • On the Location Services screen, press the green button next to Location Services to turn it off.

How to fix iPhone battery drain issues

How to turn off the app refresh feature in the background

  • Go to Setting >> General >> find and tap on Background App Refresh
  • Press the green button next to Refresh application in the background.

Now, after disabling these functions, observe the behavior of the battery.

How to fix iPhone battery drain issues

Check your internet connection

Poor internet connection can be one of the factors of your battery drain. When you open an application requiring an Internet connection, the search and loading continue. These activities always require more power from the battery.

Try to use cellular data

  • If you are not using cellular data, you can skip this step.
  • Launch Safari and type Then press Go
  • Look how fast it goes. If the internet on your cellular data is fast, it will take less than 5 seconds. Otherwise, you must deactivate cellular data and switch to WiFi.

Check your WiFi

  • Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi
  • Launch the Safari browser and type Then press Go
  • Again, watch the speed with which it opens If it takes more than 5 or 10 seconds to appear completely, try another WiFi network and repeat the steps.
  • Once you find a fast internet connection, watch how the battery works.

Check battery usage

Typically, each software update contains fixes and new features. This is the case with iOS 9. It has a great new feature, called battery usage. This feature lets you know which applications or services are using your battery. What is the point of functionality? You can see which apps are consuming the most of your iPhone's battery. You can update the apps at first, and if the app still behaves badly, you can delete it. If you haven't updated iOS on your iPhone, we suggest you do so. You can get the fantastic new features, and as an advantage, it can also fix some bugs and problems. Important note: Please read the requirements and instructions in the guide to update iOS beforehand. Here are the steps to check the battery usage on your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings >> scroll down, find and tap on Battery
  • Wait a few seconds on the battery screen for the battery usage function to charge. Then you will find the Battery Usage feature and some apps and services.
  • Tap Last days 7 to see how much battery each application has used in the last 7 days.
  • Then tap the time sign to see detailed information for each app.
  • You can now see the essential information
  • At this point, you can decide to update or delete the applications.

check battery usage

Update apps on your iPhone / iPad

Sometimes battery problems are not caused by the battery itself. In some cases, the obsolete application can create a problem. So, before you decide to replace your iPhone battery, try to update all the applications on your iPhone. The update still contains bug fixes that may explain the rapid drain on your iPhone's battery.

  • Make sure your iPhone is connected to a stable internet connection
  • Now open the App Store
  • Click on the Updates section in the lower right corner of the App Store screen
  • Tap Update all in the upper right corner to update all apps
  • Or, tap the Update box next to the application name to update only a specific application.
  • Observe the behavior of the battery. If you still find the same problems, try the next step.

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Remove apps

After checking the behavior of apps and services on your iPhone battery, you may want to consider deleting some apps, especially those that use a lot of battery. You can always re-download these apps later if you find that the iPhone battery problem is not associated with these apps.

  • Go to the home screen of your iPhone
  • Find and tap the app icon you want to delete until it wiggles
  • Press the "x" sign
  • After it has disappeared from the home screen, click the Home button once.
  • Observe how the battery behaves

delete iPhone apps

Update iOS on your iPhone / iPad

Why can the iOS update solve iPhone battery drain issues? Some bugs on the current iOS can cause this problem, and the latest iOS still contains the fixes. Here are the steps to update iOS:

  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad battery is fully charged or charge the battery during the update process
  • Make sure you have at least 1.5 GB of free storage. You can check your free storage space by going to Settings >> General >> About >> in the Available section.
  • Open settings >> General >> Software update
  • If the software update is available, tap Install now.

Update software steps

Reset all settings

Resetting all settings will erase all the mess on your iOS device by resetting it to the factory settings. These parameters are included in the layout of the home screen, language, keyboard, location, privacy, etc.

  • Go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset all settings
  • You will be asked to enter the password
  • Tap Restore all settings
  • Your iPhone will restart and reset all of its settings

reset all settings

Restore your iPhone as new

This process will format everything on your iPhone / iPad. When deleting all things (data, applications, settings, operating system, firmware, etc.), you may need to back up your iPhone beforehand.

  • Open iTunes software on your Mac / PC
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad Mac / PC using a Lightning cable
  • In the Rsum tab, click Restore
  • iTunes will download the firmware first
  • Once the process is complete, configure your device as new.
  • Look at the behavior of the battery. If this method does not solve the problem, try the following solutions.

Restore iPhone using iTunes

Request battery replacement program

Apple has confirmed that some of its batteries for iPhone 5 have an anomaly. For example, the iPhone 5 battery discharges quickly and needs to be recharged so often. This replacement program shows their responsibility and commitment to their users. If you experience battery issues with your iPhone 5, you may be eligible for this program. Apple will replace your iPhone 5 battery for free. To meet the requirements of this program:

  • Your iPhone 5 shows the above symptoms
  • Make sure your iPhone serial number is eligible for this program. You can check it out here.
  • You can also go to the nearest Apple Authorized Service Provider, the Apple Store, or Apple Technical Support and inquire about the battery replacement program.

How to fix iPhone battery drain issues

Change your battery for the new

If your iPhone is still covered by a warranty, you can contact Apple. What happens if your warranty has expired and you are not eligible for the battery replacement program? If changing the battery on an Apple authorized service provider is out of your budget, the other option is the unauthorized Apple repair store. They have more affordable prices for battery replacement. You can also try to change the battery of your iPhone. You can get the battery at online stores at an affordable price. However, it is not recommended for those who do not have the experience because opening the iPhone is quite delicate. Going to the repair store can minimize the risk.

How to fix iPhone battery drain issues

How to fix iPhone / iPad battery drain after iOS update

I have found many users have complained about their iPhone's battery dying very quickly after the iOS update. If you are one of them, you can try these solutions.

Wait a day

If you just upgraded, give your iPhone a day to return to normal. Meanwhile, observe how the battery behaves. If the battery continues to drain quickly the next day, continue to the next method.

iOS downgrade

Apple gives a chance to downgrade iOS just in case users don't like the update or the associated issues arise. You should note that luck is counted in the weeks 1 – 2 after Apple releases this new update, not from the time you update it.

Wait for the next update

If you have lost the ability to downgrade iOS, the option waits for the next update. Usually, if Apple finds many user complaints regarding the iOS update, they will release the next update soon.

Tips and Tricks to Extend iPhone / iPad Battery Life

1. Disable automatic update

  • Go to Settings >> iTunes & App Store
  • In the Automatic downloads section, look for Updates
  • If you see the button next to Update is green, press to turn it off.

2. Reduce the brightness of the screen

  • Open the parameters >> Display and brightness
  • Reduce the brightness by moving the slider to the lowest possible level.

3. Deactivate application taking suggestions

  • Go to Settings >> General >> Suggested Handoff & Applications
  • Slide the My Apps and App Store button to turn it off.

4. Stop Motion & Animations

  • Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Reduce movement
  • Press the button for green / On

5. Disable WiFi when not in use

  • Go to Settings >> WiFi, press the green side button once to turn it off.

6. Manage location services

  • Open the settings >> Confidentiality >> Location services >> System services
  • In the System Services screen, turn off Diagnostics & Usage, iAds golocaliss, Popular Near Me, and Setting Time Zone.

7. Disable Bluetooth if you are not using it

  • Open the Control Center by dragging from any screen on your iPhone
  • Tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it off.

8. Deactivate data push

  • Go to Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendar >> Retrieve new data >> Press, press the green button once to turn it off

9. Retrieve email less often

  • Open the settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendar >> Retrieve new data. Here, scroll down until you find the Fetch section.
  • Select your preference The more time you choose, the longer your battery life will be.

10. Disable AirDrop if you are not using it

  • Swipe up from the bottom of any screen to open Control Center >> AirDrop, turn it off

11. Automatically disable uploading photos to iCloud

  • Go to Settings >> Photos and camera >> My photo stream, press the green button to turn it off

12. Activate airplane mode when your cellular signal is weak

  • Slide up from the bottom of any screen to access the control center
  • Once it opens, tap the Airplane sign

Check battery health

Some apps help you check the battery status. One of them is Battery Life. You can download it from the App Store. This app will give you the information related to the battery capacity and it is easy to use.

Delete the case

The case of your iPhone 6s Plus can lead to an overheating problem that can affect battery performance. Remove the case and see if it will make a difference.

IPhone battery indicator blocked?

A question from the forum: I have a problem where when I restart my iPhone 6s, the battery remains 1% even if the device should have a lot more power. After a few feeding cycles, it finally catches up where it should be (usually 70-90%). Do you have any thoughts on how to solve this problem? "

Solution No.1: Date and time

The best place to start is to navigate to Settings> Date and time and make sure the "Set automatically" option is active.

Solution no.2: percentage of battery deactivated / activated

If the previous solution did not work, select Settings> General> Usage, turn off the battery percentage, and turn it on again.

Solution # 3: Leave the battery drain

It can also help. Just let the battery drain completely until the phone turns off. Charge it and turn it on once charged. Hopefully the problem with the indicator will not be there.

IPhone SE battery life issues?

Read the full iPhone life guide battery clicking here.

Solution No 1: Activate the low consumption mode

Low power mode is a feature designed to help you reduce battery power consumption. You can activate this function by going to Settings >> Battery. Here you can activate the Low consumption mode and the battery icon will turn yellow.

Tips for saving iPhone SE battery consumption

You can record the battery life of your iPhone SE by following these helpful tips:

  • Lower the brightness of the screen
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when you're not using it
  • Set the Auto-Lock function to 1 minute
  • Use headphones instead of the speaker when listening to audio or music.
  • Disable Bluetooth when not in use
  • Disable all additional sounds

What to do if your iPhone does not charge or does not turn on?

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Screen Capture 2016 07-28-1.35.37 PM

Know: Closing Apps Doesn't Save Battery Life

You may have heard many people repeat that leaving applications in multitasking can save battery life. It's the easy way to quit applications. You can simply double-click the Home button and swipe apps one by one.

However, this is the wrong suggestion. In fact, quitting apps can drain your iPhone battery faster. After leaving the application, it will take longer to open it when you want to use it again. This is because your iPhone has to load all things from the app from the start.

In fact, if you have disabled the application's update function in the background, the application will not run in the background. IOS freezes them when you quit the app, unless you're listening to music, using location services, checking incoming VOIP calls, like Skype, etc.

A few months ago, Apple's SVP software, Craig Federighi, confirmed that Ms. Tim Cook does not frequently quit multitasking applications and does not improve battery life.

All of the above solutions have proven effective in repairing battery drain on iPhone 4, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 , iPhone 7 Plus, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro.

If your iPhone's battery problem still occurs, we recommend that you contact Genius Bar or the nearest Apple authorized service provider.


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