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China: Difficult start for the iPhone …

enero 16, 2020

Definitely the business "IPhone" is not on the rise in China or the iPhone has been selling there for the past week via the operator China Unicom.

Unlike countries where the iPhone makes a full box the first days of sale or they sell by the thousands, it is only 5,000 units who found a buyer during the first four days of sale of the precious product in the country of the Middle Empire, which nevertheless represents the largest mobile telephone market in the world.

This boot diesel Would it be related to the difficult negotiations between the Chinese operator and the Cupertino company? Would the operator have long hesitated before deciding and taking risks for a possible flop?

The price could also be a brake on the purchase, it takes around $ 1,000 to be able to get it!

And it is reminiscent of the fact that the Chinese already enjoy a "gray march ? of the iPhone since its introduction in the United States since June 2007. Thousands of copies have ended up in the hands of the Chinese in view of these delicate negotiations which only delayed the process of the distribution of the precious in this country. Without counting on the dozens of cloned models of the iPhone which are also very popular in China and also the argument of the videoconference functionality heavily used there and not available with the iPhone!

That said, the Chinese will still be able to console themselves with the mojis to which they will be entitled ex officio like the other countries which must to buy an application or jailbreak their iPhone to find all these smiling little icons?;]

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