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Best podcast apps for Android

enero 16, 2020

Would you like to hear the experts speak on the subject of your interest? Podcasts may be the perfect solution for you who seem to be coming back to the digital world as the main source of knowledge and information in this age of the Internet. You can find all the topics of your interests and choices by accessing some of the best podcast apps for Android.

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9 Best Podcast Apps for Android

Pocket casts

Pocket Casts can be considered the best podcast app for Android. It does what any good podcast should do: it loads fairly quickly, it contains a large number of discovery tools and has amazing effects to slow down silences while offering a superb general appearance. Shifty Jelly is the company behind the Pocket Casts development that has put a lot of effort and love into developing the best podcast app. The application is fully described and it's great for beginners. Some of the exceptional features of Pocket Casts that make it the best Android podcast app include excellent table support, simple ways to store content on microSD cards, Chromecast output, and many more.

With the help of the Pocket Casts podcast application, users not only have the privilege of discovering and discovering an incredible listening world, but also an excellent synchronization system which allows users to listen to their favorite missions, even on Windows, web, and iOS. In addition to these spectacular features, the Pocket Casts podcast app for Android has some of the most sensational themes with an excellent dark mode that accentuates AMOLED notches, especially when navigating at night.

Google Music Play

This can be considered as another best Android podcast application which has integrated users' music streaming experience with ease. Google Play Music offers some of the best prowess that includes the simplicity of the app, an excellent discovery portal, and incredible choices for users without overloading them with additional features. In addition to these, Google Play Music also offers great Android Auto support and amazing Chromecast – all because it's Google. If you want to discover the simplest version of podcasts, Google Play Music is the ideal application for Android. Since most Android smartphones already have this podcast application installed, there is very little installation required by users.


Stitcher seems to be forever and has undergone several revisions over the years. As a result, it has emerged to be one of the best podcast apps for Android in which users can collect their favorite audio for a long trip or free time. With the help of Stitcher, users can "assemble" complete audio racks in their smartphones. In addition to this functionality, users will also discover a whole new range of interesting shows and podcasts with the help of Stitcher. Stitcher has been known to work and deliver shows from prestigious brands like CNN, BBC, NPR, Fox News and ESPN to provide the latest news to users on a daily basis.

BeyondPod Podcast Manager

You can have all of the amazing features of a podcast application with the help of BeyondPod Podcast Manager. The striking feature of this best podcast app for Android is that in addition to audio, users can also have access to videos from some of the major names like CNN, ESPN and many others. Additional features include support for Chromecast, control of download preferences, including downloads via Wi-Fi only, smart playlists, cool widgets, Feedly support and much more.

Podcast and Radio Addict

This is another great option for Android podcast apps. It can be considered the best Android podcast app because it is available for free and can be great for those who want to try out the podcast apps for Android. Some of the interesting features of this app include Android Auto, Android Wear, Chromecast support, download preference settings, video and audio podcasts, themes, widgets, and many more. If you're a little short on cash and don't want to give in to podcast paid apps for Android, then you should try this app.

RssDemon News and Podcast Reader

This is another podcast app for the Android smartphones as it is available for free. This amazing app not only has podcast support, but also support for RSS feeds that could put all the news and audio in one podcast. Users can follow a variety of podcasts and streams and even download them for offline playback. In addition to this, users can also add their own sources using RSS import. The best feature of this app is that you can even customize the app once you have become a pro at using it.


SoundCloud is another podcast app for Android smartphones that is available for free and has been gaining popularity in recent times. It has become very popular for independent podcasters who can also post their stuff. With a myriad of audio content available on this podcast app and a modernized interface with incredible controls, the SoundCloud app can be considered the best Android podcast app. The app is also very easy to download and can provide users with a decent podcasting experience.


Spotify has been considered the best and most reliable music streaming app in the world. This application offers podcasting services to users in addition to music streaming services.

With a limited number of podcasts available on this app as of now, users can expect to see an increase in the number of podcasts with Spotify which is emerging as the best podcast app for Android. With the help of Spotify, users can also download and use free music streaming and podcasting services for as long as they want. In addition to this, users can also take advantage of the paid service of the podcast application which is available for $ 9.99 per month to take advantage of music streaming and podcasting services.

TuneIn Radio

For users who appreciate podcasting services and love Internet radio, TuneIn Radio can serve as the best podcast app for Android smartphones. There are several options for podcasts that may be available to users before downloading because they cost them beforehand.

Conclusion: Would you like to discover podcasting services for the Android smartphone? You can download and install some of the best podcast apps for Android and enjoy the endless music streaming services with podcasting services in terms of audio and video streaming to your phone.

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