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Apple keyboard soon with Touch Bar and Touch ID?

enero 16, 2020

Apple keyboard soon with Touch Bar and Touch ID? – iPhone Soft

os-x-el-capitan ipa iphoneWhile the iMac Pro is expected by the end of the year, 9to5Mac has noticed that delivery times for Apple's current Magic Keyboard are getting longer and have dropped to 6 to 7 weeks worldwide.

Longer lead times are often a sign of product renewal. In our case, the iMac Pro should be the trigger since Apple had announced specific peripherals for this high-end model. Suddenly, the keyboard could accommodate a Touch Bar and a Touch ID to join the Macbook Pro.

Small precision, the Magic Keyboard without numeric keypad on the right is meanwhile, always available quickly. Apple will it evolve that the big model? This is possible since adding Touch Bar may require a minimum of space.

We also published a nice concept of Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar:

concept magic keyboard with touch bar


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