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Apple could launch a Mac dedicated to video games in 2020

enero 16, 2020

The computer would be designed for sports.

This year, Apple has entered the entertainment market somewhat with Apple Arcade. A first step in the gaming sector which could lead to an even more ambitious project. according to Patently apple, a Taiwanese media specializing in patent analysis, Apple is about to enter the market for gaming machines.

Sources close to Apple suppliers told the Taiwanese site that the Apple was working on a Mac esports centric. A rumor which is surprising, but which is not implausible.

Indeed, the sports and gaming sector in general is booming. With a first experience in the world of video games via its subscription service for mobile games, the Californian firm could consider going further and fully embarking on this sector with a gaming machine. This would allow him to take part in the expansion of the video games and gaming platforms market.

With Apple Arcade, the Californian firm has already invested money in development studios in order to offer exclusive mobile games on its platform. Apple could do the same with video games.

So far, Apple has not really shown interest in this sector with its computers. If some have powerful components, these are above all for editing or digital drawing, but not necessarily for the game. In addition, the prices applied by Apple were often much higher than the competition for more PCs. high performance designed for gaming.

According to Patently Apple, the Californian firm is still only in the early stages of its project. She would not yet have decided whether she would develop an all-in-one computer or a very large screen laptop.

Still rumored, the Mac esport is sold for around $ 5,000 and could be present at the WWDC conference in June 2020.