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an extraordinary tribute the story of Apple

enero 16, 2020

Sam Henri Gold has completed the creation of his unofficial Apple tribute, The Apple Archive.

The Apple Archive

The Apple Archiveis a collection of Apple products, not just from 1977. Each year it contains collections of old advertisements, videos, press releases and images, spanning 44 years of Apple?s history.

Speaking to 9to5Mac, Sam Henri Gold said:

The whole project started when the YouTube channel EveryAppleAds was deleted in April 2017. When I was in Massachusetts, I started going to YouTube by typing ?apple commercial 1976?, downloading everything I could , by filling in a folder with iCloud Drive videos. I had a hundred videos when I started a YouTube channel, which only lasted six days before being abruptly deleted.

Today, his collection includes 15,000 files, almost 1 TB of data. It includes PDDs, print ads, WWDC sessions, clips, backgrounds and more. Sam said that through his creation, he hopes to preserve the history of Apple and inspire the future creativity of younger generations.

Apple could easily delete all of this, but hopefully not. The archives are an extraordinary tribute to Apple?s work over the past 4 decades. If you wish, you can go take a look from this link.