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An Apple tablet and 300,000 applications for 2010?

The New york times trained a wide range regarding a new report from the research firm IDC. This report describes the predictions by the end of 2010.

Among the predictions concerning the Apple company, the touch pad should, without really too much doubt, have to show itself! It would be an oversized iPod Touch with an 8 or 10 inch screen. Apple?s tablet will be great for watching movies, surfing the Internet, playing online games, and reading books, magazines, and newspapers. The tablet, like the Kindle from, will be in general use.

In terms of iPhone applications (and iPod Touch, note), these should cross the 300,000 mark! As a reminder, the milestone of 100,000 applications was passed at the end of October.

IDC also predicts that one billion mobile devices capable of connecting to the Internet will be crossed, although the market for increasingly sophisticated smartphones, such as the iPhone, will account for a substantial part of the growth. IDC also sees a certain iPad straight out of the Cupertino company. It would be a portable and reduced device used exclusively for games and which would open up a new high-growth market for mobile devices.

The research firm also sees in this new year the explosion of the market of mobile devices which will be more competitive compared to traditional computers. This development will be reflected in the mobile applications market.

Similar growth is expected to occur under Google?s mobile OS (Android) as well as in the netbook market.

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(New York Times – MacRumors)