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Top best apps for new parents

enero 15, 2020
Top best apps for new parents

Becoming new parents is probably the happiest moment of our lives that requires us to go through several life changes. During this time, you will receive immense support from your spouse, friends and family. Careful, the technology is not behind. With technology having entered our all phases of life, we cannot overlook the role of it. And the developers have released the best apps for new parents that you can integrate into your device to do the tasks of a new parent even more carefully and perfectly.

So the best baby apps development are listed here with their features so that you can have them in your smartphone to give your baby a good life.

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10 best apps for new parents

Baby connect

This app will help you a lot with its many useful features when the baby is newborn. There are many things to keep in mind and there are a number of things you should also do to keep your baby healthy. Baby Connect allows you to store information such as their feeding time, sleep frequency, date of last vaccination, etc. It also includes 25 categories, timers, alarms etc. as well as 34 different charts to track baby's growth to perfection. This is a premium application that requires you to spend only $ 4.99.

Baby Tracker Nursing Application

This application is most useful in case you have just given birth to a twin baby. It comes with a nurse scoring function which allows new parents to keep track of the baby's feeding time. It has six nursing journals, so the feeding time record of six babies can be done all done. Baby Tracker Nursing app is useful in case your doctor asks you to provide the details on the baby feeding schedule. The application is available on iTunes $ 4.99.

Baby Bundle app

Bb bundle app as its name suggests, it contains many features to help new moms take care of her baby more easily. Every day, activities at the bay, such as eating food, pooping, sleeping, etc., are tracked through this app. In addition, the breastfeeding timer is another additional tool in the app, while you can make it a baby monitor by paying a small amount. This app is available for free on iTunes, but you can upgrade it to explore even more other features at a minimum cost of 2.99.

Growth application

Another useful application for baby development, completely free and available on iTunes, is used by new parents as well as pediatricians. This application allows you to follow the growth of the baby and to use it to follow the birth of a baby, from his birth to the age of 20. A table is available in the application and can even be personalized according to needs of your baby. Another growth chart also contains the Growth app, which allows the new mom to track the growth of their premature babies.

My Baby Today

My Baby Today is one of the best apps for parents that can be downloaded and installed on your device for free. This app is packed with a lot of guide after which you can take the childhood of your babies to a very different level. Sleep Guide is a very useful section in the app that offers various indications and allows you to track your baby's sleep. Likewise, it includes a feeding section, checklists for monitoring baby progress and more. The included Q & Section can answer many of your concerns about your baby.

White Noise bb

A very powerful application for new parents to keep their baby engaged at home and outside, with various sounds, such as the noise of a vacuum cleaner, driving a car, etc. When the app is in baby mode, it will avoid any kind of disturbance to help your baby sleep well. And when the app is set on the baby rattle, the high contrast sound is perfect for entertaining your baby. The application is available for the Android and iOS platform.

Today's parent My family

One of the best apps for new parents that allows you to follow various activities of your baby while personalizing the relevant information according to your baby's age. What you need to do is simply enter your baby's age and all the appropriate information will be available to you regarding your baby's development for that particular age. One of the best features of this app is that you can create a digital album using your baby's photos and videos. The storybook feature allows you to do this. With all of this, the good news is that you will get it completely free from the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Maid Milk

Have you just started using pumping milk for your baby and want to keep track of this? Then Milk Maid is the right app for you which is for the iOS users. This app allows the new mom to calculate how much milk her baby drinks throughout the day or throughout the week while allowing you to see how much milk is in the fridge, so you can buy another one package at the right time.

WebMD bb

Available for both the iOS and Android platforms, this is another useful baby development application that allows users to access useful information on the WebMD website. Various useful and relevant information such as health tips, baby care tips, health news, etc. are readily available in this app and, in addition, all available information and advice is approved by doctors.

Cloud Baby monitor

Available only for the iOS platform, Cloud Baby Monitor is a wonderful application that allows you to sit comfortably in the office. This app is especially good for the working mom, but it requires two iOS devices, one should be kept in your baby's room and another will be with you. Now use the live streaming feature and get to know your baby's activities at home.

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