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The iPhone arrives in China for September 28!

enero 15, 2020

Apple and China Unicom have agreed on the marketing of the iPhone in China!

The launch will be on September 28 for a period of three years at China Unicom. The iPhone that will be sold there will be different from the ones we have.

Indeed, these will d lacking Wi-Fi as demanded by the Chinese government. The iPhones which will be marketed on Chinese soil will have a GSM / WCDMA chip and will operate on the 900MHz, 1700MHz and 1900MHz frequencies.

China's second largest national operator, China Unicom has 141 million customers. The 3G network will be deployed in 285 cities and is expected to expand to 335 cities by 2010.

These iPhones would be sold in two models (because we have no other information concerning the final rates): – A model $ 99– Another $ 299Both will be read one two-year subscription.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Apple Insider)