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The first iPod was designed, developed and launched the same year

In a story released today by Stripe CEO Patrick Collison, Tony Fadell shared a few anecdotes about the timeline of the original iPod.

Tony Fadell's team for the original iPod

Fadell said he joined Apple in late January to follow the iPod project, but that when it did, the iPod was not an "iPod". At that time, Apple only knew that it wanted to create an MP3 player on hard drive: No team, no prototype, no design. Nothing. Just an idea.

And yet the product was completed at the end of the same year. In March, Fadell presented Steve Jobs a prototype of the iPod that was immediately approved. In April, the team found a partner to manufacture the device. In November, Apple began shipping the first models to customers. This story is not new, given that in the past, we were talking about how quickly Apple managed to make the first iPod, but seeing the whole story in a nutshell has some effect:

Tony Fadell had his first meeting with Apple on January 3, only to find out the next day that nothing had been built on the idea of ??"MP3". In 10 months, Fadell?s team not only thought it through, but also developed and started sales of a product that would change Apple?s fate and also laid the groundwork for the future iPhone.

The effectiveness of this timeline is incredible. However, something like this would probably not be achievable by Apple today. The business is much bigger than it was back then. In addition, the complexity of the technology has changed considerably since 2001.

a new Apple product can take two to three years to date. For example, the first work on the first iPhone started about two and a half years before launch. In addition, Apple began development of the iPad mini in early 2011 and the device was delivered in November 2012. The Apple Watch project started in mid-2012, before being released in September 2014 and sold in April 2015.