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The best apps you can get for the Samsung Galaxy S9

enero 15, 2020

In recent years, Samsung has become the leader in the Android phone market. Coming with a breathtaking design, the best specifications, and the fascinating camera system, Samsung Galaxy S9 has the capacity to be the best phone of 2018. And for this amazing smartphone, mentioned below are some of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9 that will enhance your experience and make things even more interesting.

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Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9


Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

PicsArt is one of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9. This free application is user-friendly and you can use it for photo editing. It consists of many features that you can use to modify your images. PicsArt was developed with the intention of helping you make incredible images. Have fun producing a new version of your images in remarkable collages with its effective tools such as collage, drawing tools, camera, image editor, camera, etc.

Download PicsArt

New Launcher

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

Nova Launcher is a very personalized and results-oriented welcome screen for your Galaxy S9. This app is the best launcher for your Android device. It changes your obsolete welcome screen with the one you like, can control, and modify according to your preferences. You can easily transform icons, outlines, graphics, animations, etc. Many of you may not be satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy launcher because it lacks functionality and performance. This is where Nova Launcher can improve the performance of your phone with its advanced features.

Download Nova Launcher

Unify distance

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

Developed by Unified Intents, Unified Remote acts as a remote control for your PC. You can easily control and manage your PC with your Android Galaxy S9 device. Using Bluetooth, connect your smart device to your computer and use your device as a single, multi-touch mouse to operate your computer. You can display your PC screen on your S9 phone and easily manage your files. In addition, you can turn your PC on or off with your phone.

Download the Unified Remote Control

Google Duo

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

Google Duo is a high-quality video chat application, Android and iOS, which was developed by Google. This application is enriched with a simple and user-friendly interface which allows faster and more consistent video calls whether you are using Wi-Fi or mobile data. If for some reason you cannot make a video call, you can also make an audio call.

Download Google Duo

Facebook Messenger – Free text and video chat

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

Who does not know Facebook or uses it to communicate with friends and family? Facebook messaging app is one of the most popular apps that can instantly connect you with the people in your life. This application offers free, faster and secure services. To reach your friends or family all over the world, you can search in their names or contact numbers and connect with them. You can send any form of message through this app like a text message, a photo, or you can also make a video call. You can use this app to play games with your friends on this app and match your scores with them to see who is doing better.

Download Facebook Messenger

MX player

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

The MX player was developed by J2 Interactive. It is a great Android video player and video editor with advanced hardware acceleration and convenient subtitle support for the user. In addition, you can easily pinch or drag across the screen to zoom in and out of videos for better viewing. For the caption opportunity, you can move the captions back and forth to see the next or next transcript. This app also has Kids Lock so that your kids can use this app without making any calls by mistake or disturbing any other app on your phone.

Download MX player

Grammarly Keyboard – Type with confidence

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

The Keyboard grammar helps you write error-free text without any difficulty in any of the applications you use on your Galaxy S9. It provides various features such as the spelling checker, grammar checker, and more. It works smoothly with other apps and helps send flawless and error-free emails, LinkedIn messages, Facebook messages, etc.

Download Grammarly Keyboard

Xender – File transfer and sharing

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

Xender is one of the best sharing apps for Samsung Galaxy S9 and meets all your file sharing requirements. It facilitates the transfer of files between your PC and your smartphone. This is perhaps one of the most convenient applications for users of the Samsung Galaxy S9. The main advantage of this application is that you can transfer any type and size of files without mobile data. This application is 200 times more efficient and faster than the normal speed of a Bluetooth.

Download Xender – File transfer and sharing

Turn ground

Field Trip is a very cool application that guides you to the invisible and exceptional things in the world where you live. This app usually works in the background of your Android device and when you approach any exciting or fascinating place, this app shows a map with information about that place. You don't have to click on your phone screen to work on this app, just connect your headset or Bluetooth, and you will be able to hear the app read the information for you. Using this app you will learn many things like the history of the best places to shop, drink, or hang out with your friends. You can choose from the local options you prefer, and the information will appear on your phone screen when you walk around these places.

Download Field Trip

Feedly – Get smarter

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

Feedly is your main home to organize, read and share information on any subject that you need to keep abreast of trends coming in your industry. You can easily access different sources of information online more quickly. Millions of people around the world use Feedly on their Android phones to read and follow their favorite online news sources like magazines, blogs, YouTube channels, news sites, etc. You can organize all of these sources in one place effectively and efficiently. People also use the Feedly app to read their favorite blogs, study new trends and topics, and find new keywords related to their brands and companies.

Download Feedly

Google translate

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

Using this popular application by Google, you can easily translate text from one language to another. Google Translate can identify and translate over 100 languages. You can translate 59 languages ??when your device is not connected to the Internet. One of the most interesting advantages of this application is that you can use your device's camera to capture the image of any text and translate it into another language right away. Another advantage is that you can just draw a character on the screen of your phone and this application will be able to recognize the words and translate them.

Download Google Translate


Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

It is one of the most popular apps for Samsung Galaxy S9. It is user-friendly and allows you to recognize all the songs currently playing in your region. To do this, simply place your smartphone near the place where the song is played, and this application will automatically catch this song and recognize it.

Download Shazam

Quiver – 3D coloring application

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

Developed by QuiverVision Limited, this app is a 3D coloring app. With this application, you can easily modernize the old colors of an image in an augmented reality to have a magical experience for you and your loved ones. The 3D coloring system of this application will make your images much more real than traditional coloring. You can also save and print the pages of this application or your computer and start having fun. You can not only see your favorite images come back to life with 3D coloring, you can also play games with the animated characters just by touching the screen.

Download Quiver

Google Goggles

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

Google Goggles is a very popular application for Android users. It uses its search function by capturing an image. Simply face your mobile camera towards a portrait, a famous building or any other landmark, barcode, product or known image, if Google Goggles finds the information on your target object in the Google database, it will provide you with information this subject. In addition, this user-friendly application can read text in different languages, including English, Italian, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish and Spanish, and translate these languages ??from other.

Download Google Goggles

Evernote – Take notes, plan, organize

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

Designed by Evernote Corporation, Evernote can transform the way you put together your personal and professional projects. Evernote is a very efficient planner and coordinator who can help you with various tasks like taking notes, creating a list of important tasks, adding photos, scanning important documents with your camera, creating handwritten minutes, drawing pictures, etc. . can easily review, share and work together on your notes on different devices like your smartphone, PC and tablet. It is an essential tool for your Galaxy S9 because you can easily take important notes and finish your work time.

Download Evernote

PPSSPP – PSP emulator

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

This application was designed by Henrik Rydgard. You can play your favorite PSP games (portable Sony Playstation) on your Android device and also with HD and other features that enhance your gaming experience. PPSSPP is an innovative and one of the largest PSP emulators for users Android. This application can run multiple games, but this application does not contain any games. You can convert your own PSP games to .ISO or .CSO files, or you can play free online games. Transfer your PSP games to the SD card or USB storage of your phone and play games for fun. As your Galaxy S9 has a lot of space and processors with high performance capacity, you can play your games seamlessly.

Download PPSSPP – PSP Emulator

Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 offers a very efficient keyboard, but it still can't beat Gboard by Google. This app offers everything you want on your keyboard. It's faster and more consistent. You can use sliding input, voice input and other input options. This keyboard app provides a wide range of features that are not available on the Galaxy S9 keyboard. Gboard includes features like typing in different languages, assimilating GIF and Emoji, themes and many more.

Download Gboard

Authy 2 -Factor Authentication

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

Authy 2 offers a strong and efficient authentication process depending on the convenience of your Android Galaxy S9 device. This app builds a safe and protects two-step verification tokens on your smartphone. It helps you protect your account from outside hackers like hackers by providing an extra layer of protection. If you've lost your phone or can't access all of your accounts, Authy offers secure and encrypted cloud backups, allowing you to easily access your tokens. This application uses the same algorithm which is used by banks and the NSA to protect their confidential information.

Download Authy 2

Samsung Max- Data Savings & Privacy Protection

Samsung Max helps you back up your mobile data, protect your privacy, receive updates, notifications, information and provide advice on the function of your apps. This app is one of the most effective and efficient ways effective at expanding the use of your data plan and reducing the money you spend on getting new data plans.

Download Samsung Max

Timbre – Cut, Join, Convert Mp3 Audio & Vido Mp4

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9

Timbre is a highly admired application, used for editing audio-visual files. Using this application, you can easily split, cut, expand or convert your audio or video files. This application is free and allows you to perform many types of maneuvers on your audio-video files.

Download Stamp

These apps are some of the best apps for the Samsung Galaxy S9 that you can use to improve the overall performance of your Samsung Galaxy S9.

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