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Jailbreak of firmware 3.0.1: recycling in Dev-Team way!

The Dev-Team, in its press release of the day, reassures concerning the brand new firmware 3.0.1 [our insert of this July 31].

Indeed, this minor update does not modify any of the necessary components for the success of jailbreak or unlocking with current tools already in place since firmware 3.0. The tutorials available on the forum making use of Redsn0w v0.8 for the jailbreak or from Ultrasn0w v0.9 for unlocking therefore remain fully current!

We can therefore safely launch the update via iTunes in 3.0.1, to then use the tool Redsn0w v0.8 in order to make the jailbreak active!

As a reminder, the full tutorial by type of iPhone:

1. Tutorial for iPhone 3Gs

2. Tutorial for iPhone 3G

3. Tutorial for iPhone v1

We discuss it on the forum?

[Dev-Team Blog]