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iPadOS will be available on September 30

enero 15, 2020

In addition to announcing the diPadOS launch date, Apple has unveiled a brand new diPad model.

The new operating system dedicated to the iPad will be launched on September 30, in parallel with iOS 13.1 update. This new OS is distancing itself from that of the iPhone. From now on, Apple tablets will have an operating system that is closer to the use that their owners make of it.

Indeed, the diPadOS interface will take up many aspects of the use that one can have with a computer. Available in beta for several months, the new operating system iPadOS 13 has already revealed many of its secrets.

With iPadOS, Apple tablets will manage multitasking. Users will be able to display multiple windows on their iPad in the same way as a desk and work on both. The display will also be in column, as already proposed by Finders on Mac. Users will also be able to share files via iCloud Drive.

Here is the list of iPads compatible with iPadOS:

  • 12.9-inch iPadPro
  • 11-inch iPadPro
  • iPadPro10,5pouces
  • iPadPro9,7pouces
  • iPad (7egnration)
  • iPad (6egnration)
  • iPad (5egnration)
  • iPadmini (5egnration)
  • iPadmini4
  • iPadAir (3egnration)
  • iPadAir2