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iPadOS is available in public beta version

enero 15, 2020

It was one of the big announcements from Apple's latest keynote. From now on, Apple tablets will have their own operating system: iPadOS. And good news, the beta version is available to the public.

Since the first iPads, Apple tablets have been running iOS, the iPhone operating system that can also be found on iPod Touch. The advent of an iPad-specific operating system is great news for all owners of these devices.

Among what's new with iPad, multitasking is by far the most interesting. From now on, it will be possible to display several pages, side by side, on your tablet. A much more practical new feature that should appeal to users.

To take advantage of diPadOS public beta version, it's very simple. Simply sign up for Apple's beta software program and download the file to your iPad.

Consider making a backup of your iPad before installing the public beta version. If you have a problem with the operating system, you may need it.