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Europe wants a single connector for all smartphones

enero 15, 2020

In order to reduce waste and increase convenience for users, European lawmakers want to propose a standard that would require all smartphone manufacturers to use a single standard port such as USB-C.

smartphone connector

Several European MPs want to adopt binding measures guaranteeing the production of a charger compatible with all smartphones. Europe has so far limited itself to encouraging tech companies to develop a standard solution, but Parliament could now turn this suggestion into an obligation.

About a year ago, Apple had already had its say on this subject, saying that forcing all smartphones to use the same connector would slow innovation and would also be bad for the environment:

Over a billion Apple devices with Lightning connectors have been shipped worldwide, not including a whole ecosystem of accessory and other device manufacturers who use the Ligthtning port to serve our customers. We want to make sure that there is no legislation that will allow us to ship unnecessary external cables or adapters only to make them compatible with the new standards. The standard would also make obsolete the devices and accessories used by millions of users around the world. This would result in an unprecedented volume of electronic waste and a great disadvantage for users. Being forced to overturn this market standard will have consequences far beyond the stated objectives of the Commission.

Beginning in 2009, Apple led industry efforts to work together and promote a common charging solution. And with the emergence of USB Type-C, along with six other companies, we are committed to ensuring that all new smartphone models exploit this standard via a connector or assembled cable.

We believe that this collective effort by many industry-leading companies is better for innovation, better for consumers and better for the environment.

A vote on this issue will take place at a forthcoming session of the European Parliament. While some members want the standard to be approved, forcing companies like Apple to comply with it, there is always the possibility that we will limit ourselves to a simple "invitation."