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Best cooking apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

enero 15, 2020

Many thanks to the application developers who have loaded the application market with many useful applications that help us in everyday life to a great extent. Whether you're looking for daily weather updates, some fitness tips, or helpful cooking tips, apps are always available for all of these. Likewise, if you are looking to be an expert in cooking, you can again take the help of apps for this. Tons of cooking apps are available for the entire platform like Android and iOS and if you're looking for the best cooking apps, keep reading.

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10 best cooking apps for Android and iOS

Food network in the kitchen

One of the best cooking apps offers more than thousands of recipes, while new recipes are added regularly. As the name suggests, the app does the same thing: it presents top chefs from different networks directly on your mobile device. Available for both platforms, Android and iOS, this cooking application also includes many photos and videos of several missions and heads of food networks. There is also a search option by the chef or the ingredients. Another useful feature is the app converter which allows users to convert something into an understandable weight volume.

Cooking stories

This is a free cooking app available for Android and iOS. Cooking stories can be claimed as one of the best cooking apps that contains many recipes while new recipes are added on a daily basis. So you can be sure to get something new every day. With texts and photos in the app, the clear videos help you even more in the easiest cooking process. The recipes can also be filtered by country, so you just need to make sure the country recipe will be prepared by you on a special day, then make it.


Want to make cooking much simpler? Go download this app. This ensures that cooking is nothing more than a pleasure. This app contains countless recipes that you can use to impress your loved ones. With all of that, BigOven even lets you add the snapshot of your own recipe so others can see it. Social functionality is another powerful feature of this cooking app through which you can see what others like your friends, family and loved ones are preparing. In a word, this application is simply amazing and is the real partner of those who like to spend quality time in the kitchen.

green Kitchen

are you a vegetarian Then this is the app that you can watch for sure. Green Kitchen cooking app is the best app for vegetarians who make up a massive library of vegetable recipes. However, it is a premium application and is available for iOS. The instruction is very clear so that you can understand it easily. Photos are also there for further assistance. Gluten-free options are also available with vegetarian recipes. So it is a perfect app for figure conscious people.


Arguably one of the best cooking apps of all time that can help us greatly in the kitchen. It has many recipes and you can search for it through its excellent search engine. Another best attraction of the application is the search engine can be adapted to suit your needs and over time it will learn your eating habit so start recommending you the recipes that will really suit your lifestyle. These recipes and ingredients can even be saved in the in-app shopping list so that later on this list can be used for easy shopping. This app is available for Android and iOS.

Deliciously Ella

Another must-have cooking app on the list, great if you're looking for tantalizing dishes while keeping an eye on your health. Yes, this cooking app contains all of the delicious meal and dessert recipes that keep gluten at bay, although they are also suitable in case you are looking for something like a detox plan. Available for Android and iOS, this app includes clear and easy-to-understand recipes, as well as photos, after which preparing a meal is just a matter of seconds.


This is a very useful application if you are already an expert in the culinary art and want to showcase this art to your friends, family and others. Download this app to your mobile device, then download your recipes with a snapshot of what you've cooked. People will comment on this and you will also be able to see what others have downloaded and shared there. The recipes are actually sorted into many categories and a different profile is created for you in the app. So why late? If you have enough confidence in your recipes and ingredients, start sharing the recipes and let others try it for sure.

Forks Over Knives

Doesn't that name sound very familiar? This is the name of this popular film on healthy eating and the developers have released an application of the same name. It's a healthy diet, but all of the recipes are really mouthwatering and prove that healthy eating doesn't always mean a boring meal. Yes, it consists of over 200 recipes and all of them focus on whole foods and herbal meals. However, you can try it out for sure if a healthy diet is what you believe to stay in shape.


are you new to cook? Don't worry because this SideChef is perfect for anyone who has many recipes while accompanying clear instruction, a step-by-step process with photos, videos and voice commands. Along with these, the app gives you enough opportunities to adjust the portion size that the ingredients will also be converted to help you a lot. Once the preparation is complete, you can take a snapshot and share it in the SideChef community to get a feel for your work. This cooking app is also available for Android and iOS both the platform.


The latest cooking app in the list that looks a lot more like a social media platform and works on the Pinterest style which allows you to share your recipes while also allowing you to get a diverse recipe stream from others. Youmiam app is really very useful which helps you every step if you like to cook. This is a completely free application available for both Android and iOS platform.

So the top 10 cooking apps for Android, iPhone and iPad are listed here. You can use any of them and become a cooking expert soon.

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