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Apple to prepare foldable iPad for 2021 followed by foldable iPhone

enero 15, 2020

According to the UBS investment bank, Apple is working tirelessly on the technology of foldable devices. The bank expects Apple to release a foldable iPad by 2021, followed by an iPhone with this capability.

This is through a note for investors reported by CNBC – that the UBS investment bank shares this assertion. According to her, Apple would bet a lot on this technology and work actively on it. Initially, the Californian firm would first offer a foldable tablet before launching into foldable smartphones.

The bank estimates that if the first devices could be released in 2020, there is a better chance that it will happen the following year.

according to CNCB reporting bank comments, UBS said Samsung ?dominates? intellectual property filings for display and folding device technologies, and bank expects ?Samsung to pave the way for foldable adoption as a smartphone supplier ?.

The biggest obstacle this technology remains the price, according to the bank. If Apple fans are willing to pay extra for a foldable apple smartphone, the amount advanced by Samsung is far too large ($ 2,000). The technology developed by Apple or bought by Samsung should therefore be less expensive.

Industry will need to work to further lower take-off costs for foldable mobile devices as a product category, UBS said, reports CNBC.

According to the bank, more than a third of the public would be interested in using a foldable iPhone, especially in China.

Apple has already filed several patents to this effect. It is perfectly conceivable that the Apple take its time to offer a foldable iPhone or iPad to avoid reproducing the fiasco of Samsung.