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An employee of the iPhone assembly company commits suicide, Investigated!

Sun Dayong, a Chinese employee of the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn committed suicide after being held for responsible for the disappearance of a telephone.

Foxconn is the main production company diphone. On after our information, they were prepare a prototype!

Sun Dayong, 25 years had to get the 16 prototypes to hand them over to representatives of the American IT group.

However, a missing copy upon delivery. After three days of fruitless research, Sun Dayong had prevented his hierarchy which had launched an internal investigation.

July 16, day of his suicide, Sun Dayong, described this survey as one of the most humiliating experiences of his life , employees from his Foxconn company had even come to search his apartment.A spokesman from Foxconn expressed his sadness and apologize to the family stating that the manager suspected of having ill-lucked this case had been suspended from his duties.

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