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Waze displays page prices and "Paris Respire" alerts

enero 14, 2020

Waze now displays the price of pages and Paris Respire alerts via an update. The community of users has mobilized to communicate the prices of 54 motorways in France, while Parisians will now be warned of their entry into one of the 23 areas closed by the city hall of the capital on Sundays, holidays and in pollution peak case.

Crédits: Waze

The display of page prices on Waze has so far been reserved for a small number of users on iOS, but there it is, the functionality is accessible to all via a simple update. This welcome feature does not require any particular activation. Just enter the desired route and the application will normally display the price of the pages encountered on the route, and therefore the total cost of your trip, not counting the fuel of course.

Thanks to the addition of the pages, Waze now offers alternative routes, often longer but less expensive, to precisely avoid the pages. The cost of these alternative routes is also displayed. It should be noted that Waze did not approach the motorway companies to obtain the prices of the pages. It?s Waze?s card users / editors, the Wazers, who shared this information with the app.

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Promising but incomplete

In fact, there are currently only 54 freeway pages listed out of the 142 existing in France. Depending on the routes, it is therefore possible that we do not have access to the page prices. This was for example our case when we simulated a Marseille-Toulouse trip, where the following error message appeared: the Waze community is working hard to add page prices to your area.

It will therefore be necessary to take your pain patiently or participate in the war effort by filling in the blanks. In addition, it should be noted that certain prices displayed by Waze may differ from actual prices, since the prices of certain pages vary according to the day or the hour.

Another feature incorporated by this update, Paris Respire alerts. Ile-de-France drivers will now receive a notification to let them know that they are entering one of the 23 closed traffic areas by Paris city hall on Sundays, on cool days and during peaks of pollution. After the Crit?Air sticker was put in place in 2018, Waze wants to encourage more responsible driving thanks to this functionality indicated.

Source: press release