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The solid iPhone XR leader on T1 2019 in the USA

enero 14, 2020
The solid iPhone XR leader on T1 2019 in the USA

iphone xr iconApple is still the top seller of smartphones in the USA in the last quarter, but not with its high-end. Once again, it's the iPhone XR which saves the apple in front of the very aggressive Samsung Galaxy S10 which is just behind the Plus and E versions.

But the iPhone XR is clearly above with 13% market share when the second, the S10 + is 6%.

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Apple stabilizes in North America 40% but …

From a global point of view, Apple also remains the leading seller of smartphones in North America with a market share of 40% in Q1 2019, compared to 40.3% last year the same period.

The cabinet Canalys puts on the other hand a reserve since despite the more than correct market shares, Apple delivered only 14.6 million phones in the United States in the first quarter, against 17.9 million in 2018 the same period.

This represents a drop of almost 20%, but which is practically the same for all. Indeed, the market is generally losing momentum. The lack of innovation and the maturity of recent products means that customers do not change so often. Not to mention the prices. In any case, the American market has returned to what it was in 2014 in terms of volume …

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