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The iPad is three years old!

enero 14, 2020

The iPad is three years old! – iPhone Soft

iPad 4It's the April 3, 2010 that Apple's very first tablet was released commercially, after being presented in a keynote in January that year by Steve Jobs.

A great anniversary for this product, the image of which has clearly progressed from the beginning to today. The object aroused all the gaze taken aback at its exit, while it is now part of the landscape or almost, while continuing to dominate the competition in this sector.

As a reminder, the first version of the iPad had an A4 chip, with only 256 MB of RAM, no photo sensor and iOS 3.2!

What are your first memories with an iPad? For me, it was a friend who had received one thanks to his work and when I saw him I was quite amazed.

ipad birthday


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