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That's it, macOS High Sierra is available!

enero 14, 2020
The 10 new features of macOS High Sierra (+ compatibility)

macos 2016 iconIt's now done, the new update for macOS, High Sierra, has been available for a few minutes on the Mac App Store.

Although the latter does not bring many new features, this should allow an improvement in the performance of your Apple computer.

macos high sierra announcement

macOS High Sierra is available!

It had been presented during the last keynote, but had not made a strong impression: the new update of macOS, High Sierra, is available in its final version on the Mac App Store.

It is mainly behind the scenes that it comes to work wonders, with the arrival of a new version of Metal, an improvement in compatibility with HEVC codecs or even the contribution of virtual reality management.

As a reminder, iMacs before the end of 2009 will not be able to install macOS 10.13 High Sierra, ditto for Macbooks before the end of 2009. Basically, if your Mac is from 2010 or more, you are quiet.

Find the complete list of new products at this address!

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