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Some reasons that could explain the lack of video conferencing on the future iPhone V3

enero 14, 2020

Here is information relayed by the site 9to5Mac: theiPhone V3 might not endure video conference !

Many people seem to be eagerly awaiting the availability of a front-facing camera on the iPhone V3 with the ability to videotape. In this case, we might expect Apple to adaptiChat AV on iPhone.

Excluding according to 9to5Mac, it would not be so in the current state of things ! This according tono iChat port type application on iPhone in firmware 3.0 beta 5 or the current upload speed of the AT&T network (128Kbits) does not allow this kind of operation in an optimal way.

But according to 3G networks (or Wi-Fi of course) this would be possible but with a very degraded image!

If we look at this table relaying the various hardware configurations necessary to operate the video conference (in this case, iChat in this example) on a Macintosh depending on the size of the image, it seems clear that this will not be not immediately on the iPhone.

Here, on the left, the resolution of 160x120px which we would expect for a video conference if it came.

Add that image compression, high latency due to the transfer of images in download and in download and you will have a small idea of ??what one could obtain if Apple does indeed prepare video conference …

There is first and foremost a standard work to be done on the part of operators to allow optimal coverage of their 3G network before Apple can launch such a service.

We can hardly imagine that Apple could release a service that could not be delivered uniformly to everyone (difference in EDGE / 3G coverage, power of the latter, etc …).

We told you about the preparation of a HSDPA network (7.2Mbps) at AT&T to accommodate the iPhone V3 (see: AT&T is preparing a high-speed network to accommodate the iPhone V3). Maybe Apple has a surprise for WWDC 09 with a video conferencing front camera.

But before we give in to the rush, let's stay a little down to earth while waiting for this Keynote long awaited by the iPhone community!

You will find more information and speed tests of 3G networks of Proximus and Mobistar later on the forum.

Do not hesitate to come and discuss it on the forum.

(9to5Mac) (Belgium Mobile)