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Here is how to find the technical characteristics of a PC.

To know if your PC should be upgraded, if it is compatible with a specific program or game, it is important to know its configuration.

Users who have carefully stored the original box from their computer will easily find the characteristics of their PC. For the others, it will require further investigation.

Some PCs have a label on the back where the weight, processor type, RAM and operating system are written.

If you do not have the original box of your computer nor the label, then read the following.

How to know the technical characteristics of your computer?

In Windows 10, it is very easy to find the characteristics of your PC.

Go to the bottom left of your screen, right-click on the Windows logo, then select Computer management.

In the left menu, click on Device manager. All the information concerning the processor, the graphics card and its peripherals are listed there.

Do you want to know the RAM of your PC? Right click on the Windows logo, then select the option system.

The amount of RAM is just below the Processor.

If your computer is running Windows 8, then go to the charms bar (Charms), click settings, then on PC Info.

The window that opens automatically gives you all the data relating to your system.

Even under Windows 8, you will still be able to reproduce the technical characteristics (operating system, processor speed, random access memory) of your computer.

You can also install the free Priform program. The latter analyzes your PC and generates a summary in which the RAM, the total storage space, the type of operating system, processor, motherboard, graphics cards, and even their temperature are indicated.

To change the interface language, go to View options and Save, then select Frenchman.

If you select one of the options from the left menu, you will get even more details about the components of your computer hardware.

What is the graphics card of your PC?

To find out which graphics card your PC has, follow these steps.

Right-click on the Windows logo, then click Computer management. In the left menu, select Device manager.

Otherwise, take the path Control panel System and security system. In the left side panel, select Device manager. Finally, click on the option Graphics Cards.

To learn more about your processor, click on processors at the very bottom of the list.

How to know the technical characteristics of your Mac?

On Macs, to get your hands on the features, just click on apple unicorn and to select about this Mac.

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