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An update for Purplesn0w! – Belgium-iPhone

As agreed GeoHot makes available purplesn0w Rc2. It's a fairly significant update of the 1st version, because Ms. GeoHot had admitted that its first version was not fully developed.

Today, with this new version, PurpleSn0w is much more stable and corrects faults from the old version.

Note that this method does not leave no trace on the Baseband.

Only one file is patch, CommCenter, and not 3 files like the old method.

PurpleSn0w is not necessary for iPhone 3GS purchased in Belgium.

For foreign 3GS iPhones, I invite you to read these few lines before embarking on the adventure:

1] Have a iPhone 3GS jailbreak with cydia2] Insert the card Original SIM3] Disable 3G via Settings / General / Network5] Add source next in Cydia: http: //apt.geohot.com6] Make a refresh sources7] Install the following program: com.geohot.purplesn0w8] Insert the card SIM of your operator9] Redmarrer.

We discuss it on the Forum

[ Thank you GeoHot]