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AirPods 2 with noise reduction?

AirPods 2 with noise reduction? – iPhone Soft

airpods apple iphone ipadThe AirPods are still out of stock, that is to say if they are plebiscités. We enjoyed Apple's wireless headphones but they still lack a few features including noise reduction. Obviously, Apple is working on it and has just published a patent explaining how it will work.

To stand out from Bose and company, Apple is working on a valve system to avoid the occlusion or isolation effect, also called echo. Rather than completely "plugging" the ear with a software system sending reverse sounds from outside noise, Apple would activate a valve in its headphones depending on the conditions in which you are: on the phone, listening to music, etc. . This system would be more efficient and less energy consuming.

airpods 2 with iPhone 8?

If nothing is guaranteed for now, the arrival of AirPods 2 for the iPhone 8 could be timely.

apple airpods 2 noise reduction


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