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The release of Real Racing is postponed!

enero 13, 2020

Real racing, the new game under development at Firemint (company which already developed Flight Control) is postponed until a certain date.

First announced for April 2009, the game is being rejected for an obvious reason: each game developed by Firemint is tested and retested throughout its development. The "final" version which was due to be released last month did not satisfy Firemint management 100%.

According to Firemint boss Robert Murray, Real Racing is the game that has asked for the most money for its development since the launch of the AppStore! And he therefore does not wish, therefore, to disappoint the future buyers of this game who impatiently await its release. It is for this reason that minor bugs, present a and l, must be fixed to guarantee a fully functional final version!

For more information on Real Racing, to view other screenshots and to enjoy several videos of the game, visit the forum.