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The MacOS High Sierra Gold Master is available (released on 09/25)

enero 13, 2020
The 10 new features of macOS High Sierra (+ compatibility)

The MacOS High Sierra Gold Master is available (released 09/25) – iPhone Soft

macos 2016 iconPresented during the June keynote, MacOS High Sierra has just arrived in a Gold Master version (the final candidate version) before an official release on September 25.

With few big new features, the new version offers the new APFS file system, Metal 2 support for games, VR or the HEIF and HEVC video codecs supported by iOS 11 as well.

MacOS High Sierra compatibility

First of all, we advise you to save your data, logic since you will test a system still in development. MacOS High Sierra weighs 4.9 GB.

IMacs before the end of 2009 will not be able to install macOS 10.13 High Sierra, ditto for Macbooks before the end of 2009. Basically, if your Mac is from 2010 or more, you can go.

macos high sierra announcement

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