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The iPhone V3 in China as of May 17?

enero 13, 2020

After our article this morning, announcing the successful negotiations between Apple and the operator China Unicom, concerning the marketing of the iPhone in China, a date is already fixed at May 17, it turned out that astonishing new information appeared.

Indeed, China Unicom has already started to promote its future flagship product and characterize it with the following services:

– Wave to pay (Pay by GSM) .? TV Mobile.? Modem Functionality? Video conference (!).

This is undoubtedly the last feature that catches our attention. Indeed, China Unicom specifies that this functionality will be well taken up and even illustrates an iPhone provided with this functionality (see representation on the forum):

The question now arises whether China will benefit directly from the new iPhone or is it of false advertising from China Unicom?

We discuss it on the forum.

(Thanks Dabedoo for the info)