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iTypeFasteR: A more ergonomic keyboard for the iPhone?

enero 13, 2020

iTypeFaster is perhaps a solution that may be better suited for people who find the keys on the iPhone keyboard, too small or not well enough arranged, to enter text quickly!

Once the application is installed, you can switch between the original iPhone keyboard or the one offered by iTypeFaster. You will notice that the keys offered by this new keyboard are significantly larger and have a more ergonomic way.

After a short adaptation period, you will be able to type your text more quickly.

iTypeFaster will only work in mode portrait and will only be accessible via the SMS and Notes applications.

This first version only offers the QWERTY but a version QWERTY should be available soon.

You will surely guess, iTypeFaster is the iPhone reserved jailbreak and installs easily from Cydia.

Find the installation method on the forum.

A video is available in the suite.

[Thanks Dabedoo for the info]