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Here is THE technique to reverse your selfies

Taking a beautiful selfie is no small task, and when you see the final rendering, you always wonder why the photo is reversed.

If this is a problem for you, then follow our tutorial. We explain to you why the iPhone reverses the sense of selfies, how to prevent this and how to modify your self-portrait images.

Why do selfies spill?

This information will surprise you but the selfies are not really reversed when you take your picture.

Indeed, once you press the shutter, your final photo is actually in the right direction. Your selfie therefore represents what you look like when the photo was taken.

Few users are fond of this system, especially since Apple does not allow to deactivate this inversely on its iOS devices.

However, to get around the problem, there are third-party applications with which to take selfies, remove the mirror effect or even touch up and modify your shots.

Take a selfie that won't spill

The Mirror application, as its name suggests, is designed to reproduce your reflection, as does the native Camera application.

However, when you take a photo with Mirror, the image does not reverse. Once you have captured the perfect selfie, all you have to do is save it or share it directly with your friends.

Mirror contains advertisements, its paid version (3.49) will allow you to avoid them.

Change the direction of photos

If you have already taken a selfie and want to change its meaning, we recommend the free Adobe Photoshop Express app.

You can enjoy lots of other editing features but also take pictures. However, be aware that its image quality is not as good as that of your iPhone.

If you are looking for an app to edit and reverse your photos then do not hesitate to consult our comparison. To remove your duplicates at once, the free Gemini app is the one you need, it will also allow you to reorganize all your shots.

If you want to rotate your videos, then we recommend the free apps Rotate & Flip Video and iMovie.

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