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Belgium-iPhone competition: Create a BiP theme!

enero 13, 2020

We left for a new competition on Belgium-iPhone! This time, it will be a question of realizing an iPhone theme the effigy of your favorite site … You will therefore need to create a wallpaper with the resolution of the iPhone as well as icons, for the least original!

Ct dlai, you have until Monday June 15 to realize your most beautiful works and expose them on the forum topic which will be dedicated there.

This lots, the author of the best theme will win an X-mini II speaker (iPhone compatible) worth 29 offered by our partner Digimania as well as an extra battery Novodio PureWatt 5000 a value of 59,90 offered by our partner Crazyphonic. Note that Digimania will not fail to reward four other artists who weren't selected for offering the best of themes! So there will be many rewards!

Find the ddi topic on the forum.

Belgium-iPhone thanks its partners Digimania and Crazyphonic.

Note that a review of these two lots (which you can discover later in this article) will be published soon on Belgium-iPhone!