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Apple sold nearly 2 billion iPhones in 13 years

enero 13, 2020

Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone 13 years ago and, according to a new report, Apple is close to reaching 2 billion sold iPhones.

Apple iPhone

Apple no longer says how many iPhones are sold, but after Bloomberg spoke with eight analysts, the common opinion is that Apple will likely sell around 195 million in 2020. If this figure is confirmed, that will mean up to 2 billion. iPhones will have been sold in early 2021.

Eight analysts polled by Bloomberg said the company is on track to sell nearly 195 million iPhones in fiscal 2020. This would increase from the 186 million iPhones sold last year and bring the total number estimated iPhones sold since its launch about 1.9 billion.

Apple sold its billionth iPhone approximately ten years after the big presentation of 2007, although at the beginning, few believed in the success of the iPhone. Just think of BlackBerry, famous for having mocked Apple's arrival in the smartphone market, but now we all know what has happened to Canadian society.