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Tim Cook announces "very exciting" year for the iPhone!

enero 12, 2020

Tim cook, the CEO by interim Apple, was recently interviewed by Toni Sacconaghi (analyst at Bernstein Research) and it emerged that 2009 should be a very exciting year according to the declarations of the CEO in person.

No precise or reliable information was evident from this interview, but a few points were however raised.

At first, we learn that Apple is seriously thinking about modifying business model of the iPhone, namely to introduce a new price range.

Subsequently, the analyst says that according to high-level reflections from Apple, it would however be excluded that we may see one day land a possible iPhone nano (expected by many people) and even less a iPhone devoid certain features.

Apple would also rule out the release of an iPhone with a physical keyboard, considering that its virtual keyboard is the most suitable for the market.

Case to follow.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Apple Insider)