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The iPhone Nano is confirmed day by day!

It was indeed a exclusivity Belgium-iPhone, which we shared with you in our lines this december 13, regarding rumors of the company's upcoming announcementiPhone Nano! These are further amplified, following the publication today by the same Chinese site, synthesized images concerning the first silicone covers that would be manufactured for the new baby from the Cupertino company?

These images, obtained through the manufacturer give us a very clear idea of ??the shape and actual size of this new iPhone Nano version … It even seems that several accessory factories are already in possession of precious details concerning this long awaited iPhone …

Steve Jobs' next keynote[The CEO of the apple brand] scheduled for January 5, 2009 may well be rich in motions …

The slogan of the next Macworld is quite promising and goes clearly in this light, rather judge: EVEN THE SMALLTALK WILL BE BIG!

We discuss it on the forum.

[Special thanks Dabedoo, the basis of this excluded!]