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The guarantee of the Belgian iPhone 3G: A fiasco?

enero 12, 2020

The iPhone 3G is certainly an Apple product and therefore decidedly quality but since his official arrival in Belgium, it appeared that many people (including through the forum, editor's note) a bad experience of the after-sales service offered by Mobistar.

First of all, it is important to note that under current law, the warranty applies to the iPhone 3G and moreover to most devices electronic, during a two-year period and this in the context of "normal" use.

However, it appeared that following numerous requests for after-sales service, this guarantee could not apply. Indeed, traces of humidity would have been found repeatedly by means of a ?sensor? pad integrated in the iPhone 3G and which indicates if the latter has been submitted a large dose humidity or not (rain for example). From the moment that this sensor indicates traces of humidity, Mobistar always indicates through the expertise company, Dynafix, that the iPhone 3G is irreparably damaged and it is not repairable. In addition, Mobistar also claims a lump sum of 40 euros to pay to recover the unusable iPhone 3G.

This is the unfortunate experience experienced by one of our members of the forum who informed us of his dissatisfaction following the fact that Mobistar refused to repair his iPhone 3G after warranty only two months of use.

Explanation from our forum member:

I bought the iPhone 3G to replace my iPhone v1 on July 11, 2008 around 4 am during the first exclusive sale at the Mobistar Center of the Toison d'Or Brussels, in the presence of the CEO of Mobistar. The problems started towards the end of September but were quite irregular. The touch screen no longer responded well. Sometimes impossible to unlock the phone, sometimes impossible to click on an icon. So I was thinking of bugs. The updates, restorations, and even DFU + restore doing nothing about it, I decided on October 14 to bring it as a guarantee. The seller then assured me that there would be no problem and that it would be taken under warranty. The following week, I received a phone call from the store, telling me that the repair company had sent a quote stating that the device had been irreparably damaged due to humidity, that it was not repairable and not covered by the warranty. I could either pay 40 to recover the device (research costs) or leave them. I have always treated my phone with care, it has never been immersed in any liquid. But I was told on the phone that just using it in the rain or in a damp room could be enough to damage it. I went there twice, including once with the grante. I explained to him that the warranty was 2 years and compulsory, that the warranty applied, under the law, in the context of "normal" use. And that in Belgium, humidity is still a usual condition! Nothing helped! I sent a registered mail to them, they turned it down. I still haven't given up on a replacement or refund, but hope fades every day.

Situation to say the least embarrassing when you know the price of the phone and you don't expect a particularly bad surprise regarding the warranty in the event of a defect.

On your side, have you experienced a similar case following a breakdown of your iPhone 3G?

What was your experience?

We discuss it on the forum.