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Firmware 2.3: Dj rumors!

enero 12, 2020

New firmware is barely available (and dj jailbreak) that rumors are already igniting about the next firmware 2.3.

Indeed, the Mac-Addict site would have obtained information which would indicate that the next firmware (2.3) would finally be provided with a long-awaited functionality: copy / paste it !!!

Other news reported rumors, the possibility to change the wallpaper (where your icons are located; dj function available on iPhones jailbreak) and also a major improvement in terms of Push notifications which could finally be used in the background to applications!

Finally, Mail and SMS would be endowed of a horizontal reading and provided logically a bigger keyboard …

It goes without saying that all this information is taken with tweezers but that we could not ask for better …

Perhaps more precise information when the next beta version of the future firmware 2.3 is available!

We discuss it on the forum.

(Mac Addict)