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Apple would have exaggerated the autonomy of its iPhone batteries?

enero 12, 2020

iphone xr iconAccording to a report by Which – a consumer advocacy group – Apple would overestimate the lifespan of several iPhone models, up to 51%.

Discoveries on the autonomy ofiPhone XR are particularly amazing. While many critics have praised the battery life of the device, especially compared to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, The actual performance of the latter offers the biggest card compared to Apple's claims, according to the study.

iphone autonomy

The iPhone XR, the bad student?

The group claims to have tested nine different iPhone models and found that not all of them met Apple's demands of 18 to 51%. surprisingly, the iPhone XR had the biggest battery overestimate for talk time when fully charged. Apple claimed it would last 25 hours, but our tests revealed a duration of 16 hours and 32 minutes, which is 8.5 hours less than expected.

In a statement responding to the Which test, Apple recalled that he rigorously tested his products and supported his battery claims. The company also noted that Which has not shared its testing methodology, while Apple publishes its testing process in detail.

We rigorously test our products and guarantee our claims for autonomy. Thanks to a tight integration between hardware and software, the iPhone is designed to intelligently manage power consumption to maximize battery life. Our test method reflects this intelligence. Which did not share its methodology with us and therefore we cannot compare their results to ours. We share our test methodology which we publish in detail here

The study was not just about Apple models. Which has tested an armada of smartphones, notably from Samsung, Sony, Nokia and HTC. And found that Samsung, Sony and Nokia underestimated all their claims for battery life, while HTC fell into the same category as Apple with exaggerated autonomy.

And you ? how much would you estimate the autonomy of your iPhone? Let us know your feedback.