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Apple is shopping for the new iPhone !?

enero 12, 2020

If we take the results of a study by ThinkEquity Partners into account, Apple would have recently obtained all the stock of flash memory intended for mobile devices at Samsung.

Samsung would still represent 40% of the market share of these famous chips. That?s to say, the quantity significant who commands you.

But that's not all. The Cupertino company would not be limited to Samsung since it would also have made its amplifiers at the manufacturers Hynox and Toshiba who have already predicted having to face production problems to meet this demand.

All these orders and these possible requests for production overcapacity should have an impact on the price of this flash memory which would be increased given their availability which is reduced.

Samsung has also reserved its production for the Cupertino firm until next April.

It is certainly time for them to prepare to renew their range of iPhone and iPod, this renewal usually happens in early summer for the iPhone and in September for the iPod.

We discuss it on the forum.