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An Apple 1 put up for auction!

enero 12, 2020

Apple NewsIf you have been an Apple fanatic for the first time or just a collector of Apple devices, this news should interest you.

Indeed, society Charitybuzz has put one of the first Apple 1s up for auction to help the association FAIRS (Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service).


One of the first Apple 1s on sale

It is a beautiful auction set up by Charitybuzz, which offers the possibility of getting your hands on one of the rarest and oldest Apple 1.

The latter is nicknamed Schoolsky, in honor of its former owner, Adam Schoolsky. He was offered the computer by Steve Wozniak while working at Apple.

This same model has never been sold to the general public, and is still functional. Sold with its open motherboard, its connector for cassette player, the manual and the original box, it will be accompanied by an advertising cassette for the Apple I, a letter from Adam Schoolsky for David Larson (who bought the Apple 1 a Schoolsky) and other little bonuses.

When Apple was born, they created 175 Apple 1 machines by hand, and there are only 50 left today …

The sales objective of Charitybuzz is $ 700,000, but the sum should be greatly exceeded in view of the rarity of the machine which, let us remember, is still functional.

If you ever have money to put in, this is where it happens …