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A point on the rumors of an iPhone v3!

enero 12, 2020

Rumors have started to intensify lately, and it is time to regroup them!

First, when? Now that Apple is done with keynotes at the opening of a trade show (like Macworld Expo), they can invite the press to a Special Event given to Cupertino, the company headquarters at any time. In general, the invitation is sent a good week before and is immediately distributed on the web. There is always a short sentence which indicates the subject of the keynote without revealing too much either; for recent Macbook Unibody, it was The spotlight turns to notebooks. ?(Cell phones turn)

However, just like September is the iPod month, so far the iPhone has been on sale at early lt : June 29 for v1, July 11 for 3G. We can therefore expect an exit in these waters, and since Apple can now advertise its products when it sees fit, assuming that they will present it a few weeks before or even on the day of its launch (Oh, and its available today!).

I put a few reservations to an announcement during WWDC, as for the iPhone 3G: during this one, Steve Jobs (or another) will probably announce at length the broad news of Snow leopard, there will already be a lot to say!

Now the content. First, we talked a lot about famous new version number (2.1 while v1 and 3G had 1.1 and 1.2 respectively) seen in the latest firmware 2.2.1. I am not convinced that this would imply a huge change at the precious level: some software sometimes increases version without the changes made being monumental (iTunes 6> iTunes 7, Windows Vista> Windows 7).

So what can we expect? A front camera, why not. An improvement to the rear camera, it seems unlikely, the photographic capacity on a mobile phone remains incidental and Apple knows this well. In terms of connections, apart from a WI-FI N chip, 3G is the latest. It is not the style of Apple to put the DVB-H or the Wi-Max, technologies not yet implanted large scale.

Apple will not deny its concept at all through the touch screen by adding a keyboard as at HTC.

I therefore think that we should expect something at the level sound, speakers probably more powerful (stro?), with a bluetooth AD2P chip (Bluetooth stro), at the same time as the WI-FI N?

I also think an update of lcran, for even more naturalness during its use (micro-vibrations at the screen, not a use of the vibrator as with the competition). This keeping the size (in pixels and in cm of diagonal) of the 2 previous versions, because more pixels = problem for the applications of the AppStore, and smaller size = problem for the use with the finger! Unless they make a screen of the same size and with 2x more pixels in height and 2x more pixels in width?

As for the photos released for the moment, the one who wanted to make us seriously believe an original is a fake, this has been demonstrated. Anyway, it is probably still too early!

We discuss it on the forum !