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A 7 9 inch iTablet for fall 2009?

enero 12, 2020

It is Techcrunch announcing it on its site, Apple would have in its pipes a 7 9 inch iPod Touch. The famous iTablet that so many people are waiting for.

According to them, we would have seen people circulating, Cupertino, with such devices (always the prototype state). Apple has been testing several prototypes for years, but which, according to Techcrunch, would not be suitable for users.

Apple finally found the right time given the success of the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as with the AppStore? We will see it well in autumn since this same source seems to indicate that it is not for MacWorld that we should expect such a product!

Always according to Techcrunch, this 7 9 inch iTablet would, of course, be much more expensive than the current 32Gb $ 399 iPod Touch.

We discuss it on the forum.

( Techcrunch )