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The keynote of this October 14: The condens but without iPhone!

Some dreamed of seeing a Steve showing us a new version of theiPhone, like for exampleiPhone 32Gb; others wanted itannouncement of new firmware integrating the functions listed in subscribers absent in the past, such as voice guidance thanks to the function GPS, or the famous ?copy paste?So practical?

None of this to attract our lips! On the contrary, and exactly as the specialized sites predicted in Apple rumors, Steve, the CEO of the Apple brand, told us about the new ones Macbooks and Macbooks Pro as expected on the market from this day …

From now on, all Macbooks will be endowed with the famous aluminum shell designed in one piece; technology adopted for the first time during the presentation of the Macbook Air, last January?

The iPhone, meanwhile, was absent subscribers during the presentation of this keynote, taking place in the very seat of the firm of Cupertino!

We discuss it on the forum.