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Pokémon GO (finally) available on Apple Watch!

enero 11, 2020

  • IPhone Video Games
  • Apple Watch

pokb-mon-go ipa ipad iphonePokémon GO (Game, iPhone and iPad, v1.21.0, 3.5 / 5, VF, 260 MB, iOS 8.0, Niantic, Inc.) is finally available on Apple's tocante after almost 4 months of waiting!

We already had a demo of this version during the Apple Keynote in September, it took time!

pok go appwatc

This version allows you to receive notifications about pokémon located nearby but not only! Indeed, each game session is counted as a training (the application will tell you the number of calories expended, the distance traveled), retrieve objects from pokéstops, …

Here are the detailed features:

  • Record each game session as a real training session, which will be taken into account as part of your daily step goals
  • Receive notifications about nearby Pokémon
  • Be informed of the number of steps that still need to be taken to hatch Pokémon Eggs and to receive a Candy thanks to your Pokémon Buddy
  • Receive notifications on nearby PokéStops, but also pick up items there
  • Receive notifications when eggs hatch and when you win medals

Pokémon GO is available on the Apple Watch App Store. Don't forget to update on your iPhone before.

So who's going to get back into the Pokémon hunt?