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A configuration utility for the iPhone …

enero 11, 2020

This is iPhone 1.0.1 Configuration utility for Mac OS X Released last July:

This utility allows you to create configuration profiles for your iPhone, especially for connection parameters, from your Mac, several profiles can be configured beforehand. As of now if for some reason you have to change the configuration of your iPhone, you will save precious time!

This little program more than a trick in his pocket, it also helps you repair your iPhone in case of a bug, it is of course reduced in possibilities.It allows you to uninstall the applications that you have installed from your iPhone or from iTunes.

Not beast especially that for the moment we know that an application can make your iPhone lose its reason.

The utility also allows easy access to the iPhone through the console which gives you information about errors that the iPhone encounters.

We discuss it on the forum.

To download it, it's here.

[iPhone Atlas]