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The 1.1.3 jailbreak is available!

The firmware jailbreak solution 1.1.3 is available since that night! Initially, it concerned users of PC. A few hours later, a solution for users of Mac was also making its appearance!

It seems that the Dev Team which had found the solution was overtaken by the hacker Nate True which is the origin of the software (PC) of Jailbreak iBrick.

Members suicide bombers of the forum Belgium iPhone embarked on an update in firmware 1.1.3 and it looks like this new special version of iBrick would allow do not update the baseband of iPhones at the baseband 04.02.13_G. In conclusion, the dsimlockage would still be applicable since this baseband is not volu!

We are awaiting additional information regarding TurboSims & Cie users, don't get started so fast.

I invite you to consult our discussion forum (News and Activation section) to find more explanations.

We will complete a point as soon as possible.

@ Belgium iPhone Team