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Speech recognition – Belgium-iPhone

Makayama, the software editor like Camera Pro or iSIM has just released a software recognition voice for the iPhone, it's called Voice Dial and you can find it in your favorite installer.

The small problem (but we are used to them) is that it is paying. It will cost you $ 27.95 to get the full version. However we can install a version oftrial to realize that it?s still pretty well done at all.

It allows you to add orders voice to call your contacts , launch applications or launch Safari and ask it to go to a site ( for example).

There are still some ?bugs. It does not take into account if your contact more than 1 number and calls the first. It is also necessary to launch the application, so it does not seem for the moment to have a background mode which could turn at any time in the background.

Aside from these small youthful faults, this is a promising program to try urgently.

We discuss it on the forum